Tuesday, December 1, 2009



Yea, that sums it up. I'm going to be a father, a dad.

At times it seems unreal - April is 2100 miles away- the child's expected date of birth is July 23, 2010. But inside, I feel a warmth, a peace - that passes understanding.

Some little creature is coming into my life, and April and I are starting a family.

I never saw it coming. Never thought I would be a dad, and never understood the enthusiasm that future dads have-- when talking about their kids. Never even thought that I would have a mate for life- someone that I would share life with and have a family with.

It started with meeting April- and I love how she describes it:

"We started a conversation, and that conversation has never stopped."

The second day after I met April I said to her, "You are someone I want to have kids with." I don't know what made me say it-- I'd never said or felt that way before. Her response was "That's heavy."

Still, as our love was confirmed, and has steadily grown, there is one thing that came to the front -- we were meant to be together, and we were going to have a family.

We had each lived full lives. Each of us successful in our own field, each of us accomplished many things.

We had not been successful in our personal lives- and our confidence in our ability to ever commit again was shaken.

Somehow, my life changed -- somehow everything in life has changed--

I have a partner in life
We are going to have a kid or two (don't tell her, might be more - if you tell her she may shoot me). We will adopt one or two from China.
We are going to spend our life giving back - taking our kids with us to the third world and helping them with their health care.

Life has changed-
Life is good.
Thank you, April. You came into my life-- and have given me so much. I can feel again, and I love every part of it-- from the love for you, the love for our child, and even the fears and concerns.