Wednesday, March 11, 2015


Dear JJ,

We lost your baby blanket. And while you are getting to the age where it is meaning less and less to you, it means more to us.

Your blanket was one of your comforts - you called it your "beega." When you cried you wanted it - not just any blanket, but this one particular blanket.

You have many blankets, but you always wanted this one. Some wonderful friends and family made or purchased many different blankets, but this one you bonded with. We don't know why - but this one was yours. Once we went to Oregon and forgot it- but we got by because we went to a store and told you that you could pick out your own "travel beega." You did, but as soon as you got home and were reunited with your "sparkly beega" you were happy.

But on an overnight flight it was mixed in with the blankets from the airplane and left as we hurried off the flight.

Goodbye beega - you did a great job.

Sorry son - we really feel bad about this.


The blanket travelled with you to three continents and hundreds of thousands of miles