Thursday, April 28, 2011

Happy Birthday Mom

Mom sharing her birthday cake

You like it

Not quite peas and carrots

Now what?
Dear JJ,

We got to celebrate your mom's birthday!  You shared her cake - and last year you were sharing it too- just that you were in her womb and getting the cake without tasting it!

This has been the best year ever, son - for your mom and I.  Every time we look back we wonder how we ever imagined life without you.   You keep us laughing, you keep us centered, you show us what is truly important in life.

Your mom loved her time at the spa-- but almost every minute she was worried about you.

You've changed our lives, son - but for the better.  So much better.

Next year I'm sure we will hear you say Happy Birthday -- but for us, you are the best gift anyone could ever have.



Lucky a brother?

Dear JJ,

One of our friends pointed something out to us-- that Lucky is more like your brother than a dog. He doesn't growl at you- you pull his ears, his tail, his mouth- you take away his toys- and he still comes to see you every day.
He helps clean you up after meals - ok - sometimes you object to your mom wiping your face, but you never seem to mind if Lucky does it.
My brothers were the same way- sometimes they would do for me what my parents couldn't - like when I got in trouble, my brother Jimmy would stand up for me.  Or when I was worried I would call my big brother Ron - like the time I pulled a pen apart and got ink all over me and was afraid of what mom would say.
So, maybe Lucky is a bit like your brother.
Most important- the lesson learned is we always need someone in this world to help us along. Someone we can count no to lick our face.  I've got your mother- but I want you to know that you always have us. Always,



Lucky on clean up duty

Lucky trying to get back his toy

How many dogs would let you have his bone?

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Nine Months?

Dear JJ,

How did this happen? Nine months old-- two bottom teeth, crawling, smiling, getting up and standing in your crib?

You like being fed our food at the table

Your dad still loves to kiss you

Pulling yourself up and playing with your new airplane

Just as handsome sitting down in the Captain Cook Hotel

I think mom is trying to make fun of you 
You still don't sleep through the night-  but you sleep a lot. You go to bed at 7, wake up at 1 and 3 and then 6:30.  We hope you sleep more-- your mom would appreciate.

But you are a champ - and we are a family.  You travel with us- you eat from our table, and like the Alaskan that you are: your first meats-- fresh Alaskan Salmon and fresh Alaskan halibut.  You love them both. And your skill at picking things up and putting them in your mouth gets better daily.

Your mom and I love this-- Team Simpson



Friday, April 1, 2011

International crawler

Your first exploration of grass

Crawling in Cabo
Dear JJ,

You are an international traveler!  Off to Cabo we went for a week- and  you did great.  You have your own passport, and as usual - you are a great little companion to travel with.

While Cabo was wonderful - the fun part was watching you perfect your crawling skills. Before we left for Cabo you had taken your first forward moves - and now you can crawl everywhere.  Thats the good news- the bad news is your mommy and I have to re-arrange the house- to make it safe as you like to climb a lot.

Even this morning- after you woke up and we were playing I had to make a quick trip to the rest room.  I turned around and you were crawling right after me with that big grin on your face.

Son,  you make my day- every smile, every new adventure- you have made life sweet.

While in Cabo you met some friends- one of whom is a golfing buddy.  He is looking forward to you joining us for golf.  Hopefully I won't be crawling then!

The future is bright because you are in it.


You love the pool

Prettiest lady in the world - your mom

And lounging with your dad is a lot of fun

Of course a bottle helps