Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Five Years Old

Dear JJ,

Yesterday was your fifth birthday - and since you and mom were staying in Canada to escape the heat, I took a few days off to travel up there - because I remember when I was five. Well- I don't remember the birthday, I just remember my brother, Ron telling me that I was five years old. 

When I put you to sleep the night before your birthday I asked for a hug, because it was the last night I could hug my four year old son. The next morning I asked for another hug- because it is the first time I get to hug my five year old son. I know it sounds strange- but your dad meant it.

What you enjoyed most was having friends over and playing with them. You loved that more than the gifts - and that is a great lesson. 

No matter where you go son, and you have - in five years gone over 200,000 miles - the things you will enjoy are not things - but friends (and sometimes family) - but mostly friends. So make a lot of them, and forget the things- just enjoy the friends.


Our attempt at a family photo on your birthday - seems you were having too much fun 
Our Favorite Game

The best part of your birthday was your friends- not the gifts

Not that gifts aren't cool

Some are really cool

Yes son- two can play at not wanting a photo taken
Waking up Uncle Peter with "cymbals" 

It can have consequences  - wrestling time!