Saturday, October 29, 2011

Not a word I use

Dear JJ,

There is very little that I am not afraid to say. Words are powerful. They have meaning, but sometimes they are overused so much that they become vapid. So, there are a few words I just don't use- or they are hijacked by some group such that using the word or phrase makes it so much less.
We enjoy our morning coffee

We've had a great month this October. Aunt Kim and Uncle Bob were by.
Your Aunt Kim loves reading to you

We were able to travel to a few places like San Diego, Oregon, San Francisco, and Los Angeles. People ask - how is your son to travel? The answer is you are easy to travel with, and there is no thought to do otherwise.
Never a doubt that traveling is easier because we do it together

Sometimes I have to travel a lot- but the ones I always want with me when I go are you and your mom. Then it isn't a hotel room, it is our temporary home.

Brings me back to that word. Having you in my life has made me blessed.



The Four Seasons Beverly Wilshire made you a king
You are helpful around the house