Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Harder on me

Dear JJ, 

Sometimes being a dad means we have to watch out for you.  Today you took my book reader and ran into the pool. 

The reader was ruined but what bothered me was you not listening. And that made me sad. 

We talked about it and you making bad choices. We all make them. I will try to protect you as long as I can but you will make them. 

These things are hard for dads. It's not as simple as discipline - because the only discipline I have is you knowing how sad I am - 

But you will understand one day. 

Your daddy loved you and always wanted you to make a good choice. 

I love you son 


Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Celebrating his life

Jimmy Dec 2, 1952-Dec 7, 2006
Dear JJ,

Yesterday would have been your uncle's 62nd birthday. We all miss him, and this time of year we think about him a lot.

We were in Portland for Thanksgiving and as we were driving I told your mom, "Jimmy would have loved JJ."

Jimmy loved kids, he would spend hours playing with them, seemingly not to tire. When  Jimmy was a very young man, in his 20's, I remember there was a kid who went to the restroom and was confused as to where to go and he told him it was ok to use the stall. The kid's parents no where to be found, he smiled at Jimmy and asked if he could really use the "big boy toilet."  My brother turned to me and said, "I would like a dozen of them."

He never did have kids- but he never lost his joy in children.

And daily when you look at your mom or me, as we tell you not to do something, you give us that smile and do it- and we laugh, I am reminded of Jimmy.