Saturday, November 20, 2010

One year

It was a year ago we found out about you
Dear JJ,

One year ago your mom and I found out that we were pregnant with you. Your mom and I were so excited.  I didn't want to be "that guy" who jumped up in down in the movies when he found out his wife was pregnant-- but I couldn't help it. When your mom and I met we had this feeling- and after seeing each other for a while we confirmed it- and then we decided life just wouldn't be happy without you.

So this is a pretty special time for us- -because it brings us a lot of memories.

But nothing is as fun as having you here-- having your smile - and watching you grow, and develop a personality - and smile at us.

So son, your dad is going to spend this Thanksgiving season a bit misty - because more than any Thanksgiving ever- I am so glad that I have your mother and you in my life.



Friday, November 19, 2010

Four months

Dear JJ,

Four months! We have been able to kiss you and hold you for four months!

This last week you seem to be noticing Dr Lucky a lot more. Not just when he licks your feet, but you follow him -- we call it "tracking."  In fact, you love to watch the dog. 

So your mom and I always wonder what new thing will be happening next. Like most new parents we have five hundred books, websites, and google constantly and find you are on target for all the things that you are suppose to do - but somehow it all seems special with us. 

You have been a part of us for four months- and no matter where we go, we cannot imagine being anywhere without you - you are just a part of our family-



You've started to notice your furry best friend

And you seem to like sleeping with your other one

Monday, November 15, 2010

The progress continues

Sitting up
Dear JJ,

You are sitting up so well - in fact your mom got you a new chair that lets you sit up and watch us - and you seem to watch us with great intensity these days.  You seem to pay a lot of attention to Lucky - who is always available to lick excess formula from your face.

People all say, "enjoy these moments, they go quickly." Your mom and I do. We are enjoying every minute -- even the 3 am times when you wake up.  Ok, well that does lead to our 5:30 am times when your dad makes coffee and gets your formula (we both need our starts to the day).

One of my patients said to me, "You don't think you can love them more, or that you can enjoy the next stage -- and you do."  Wow - its true, son.  Every new milestone you pass, every new trick you learn, every smile just shows me how much room I have in my heart.


The men of the house
enjoying a nap

you are a football fan

The perfect nap

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

teething and singing

the teeth are coming
Dear JJ,

This morning as I write this I feel those little teeth coming in and find you get comfort in two things- that little pacifier and my fingers.

Your mom and I feel so bad when you are uncomfortable - and we want to do what we can to help you with that comfort.  We know we always can't do that- but we loved what our pediatrician said to us:

"You can't spoil him the first six months- all you want to do is gain his trust."

No matter what age, though, your mom and I will always want to see that smile of yours. And we will always enjoy holding and loving every bit of you.

I do have to apologize for one thing though: your dad doesn't know the words to a lot of songs - so when I sing to you I tend to make up verses as I go along.  Someday you will be in school and insist that those are the words to that song -- and so forgive me, and your mom, when we laugh. Til then you seem to enjoy me singing "Old Man River - he just keeps moving JJ along."



Friday, November 5, 2010

The person I most want to meet

Grandpa George- one of the first fathers to tell me about the joy of being a dad

But that love came the minute I knew you were going to be

and even traveling with you is a joy. Don't want to travel without you

And my dad (snuck this photo of you two). 86 years he waited to be a grandpa

Dear JJ,

Every year people ask - who is the person you most want to meet - in all of history.  In the past I said I would love to sit down and chat with Thomas Jefferson, or Bertrand Russell, or anyone of a number of interesting characters.  This morning that question was answered for me.

History and political science, and many things capture my interest.  And having the opportunity to sit down with great historical figures- or even some contemporary ones, would be a lot of fun.  I'd love to have coffee with Bill Clinton, or George Bush - chat with them about what makes them tick.

Then I thought about the conversations that I have enjoyed over the last few months- and how being a dad has taken over many of them.  I'm pretty sure people are sick of me talking about the wonders fatherhood.  But dads aren't, nor are moms.  The little gems I pick up from dads -- like my dad, Grandpa Jim - or your other grandpa George -- those are precious.  We have this exclusive club - fatherhood-- one that I am a member of.

The person I most want to meet in history is you- when you are at the stage where I am- having a child and seeing the wonders of it all. 

So, JJ-- take your time being a dad- and I'm going to hang in here - and hope that I can pass some pearl off to you about the joys and wonders of the club -- the club of dads



Your new friend. Who is as big with you as Dr. Lucky is with me

Always with a smile

And no doubt scared some goblins away at Halloween

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

We never would have imagined

Dear JJ,
Your mom and you - all of us enjoying lunch at True Foods

Every day your mom and I look at you and say, "I never knew it was going to be this good."

Neither one of us thought we were going to have a child -- both of us had lived a lot of years without children and our experiences with kids were from that perspective. But it all changed when we met each other and our world is so much better with you in it.

We have spent our lives being driven by career, and driven by vacations. We moved so fast in this world, that we thought we had it all. Then we met each other-- then we decided to have you - then we had you.

Many people who have children early say, "I can't wait til they are gone so we can do what we want."

Your mom and I have done all anyone could want - -and now we can say with you in our lives we know what we want -- and we are so happy you are in it.