Wednesday, December 16, 2009

But you're building a baby

Poor Apes- she is so tired so often, and she looks back over this photo taken when we were on our way to Alaska- and thinks where did the energy go!
Every night when we are not together we get on Skype so we can spend the last few minutes of our day talking and seeing one another before she goes to bed - and she is having such a hard time.
"I'm so tired, I'm sorry I have to go to sleep."
"It's ok, honey, you're building a baby."
She gets so discouraged that she is tired and cannot have the usual energy (enough to light small US city).
But she knows- the energy is being zapped because her body is doing more work than she would be if she were at a gym!
This week the fetus is developing eyelids, fingers, toes, and will soon be deciding if it will be a boy or a girl. Plus every day her uterus is building more placenta to nourish JJ as the journey continues.

Know this JJ -- every day we think about you, pray about you, and smile. And even though your mom is dead tired (something you will probably never see because she is otherwise a ball of energy) - she wouldn't trade this for the world. Every day we tell someone new about you- and every day in telling about you we are so happy.

48 hours til our first visit to the OB - looking forward to our first view of JJ