Monday, June 29, 2015

Happy Birthday Gigi

Dear JJ,

Today is Gigi's birthday. 

You have a special bond with her- always have. But so have I. 

I was a new dad, at age 53, not really knowing what to do. For the first seven weeks of your life she was there- from your first hour. In fact one of the hardest days I had as a new dad was when we had to say goodbye to her after her being with us for seven weeks.  For her saying goodbye to you that day was hard for her - you can see it in the photo below.

The first two years of your life the only time your mom and I went out to dinner by ourselves was when Gigi was watching you. 

When you took your first plane ride, at six weeks old, Gigi came with us to Oregon so you could meet my parents. Of course, ten minutes before we got on the plane you had a poop-apocalypse. Your mom and Gigi just laughed and cleaned it up.

You are lucky son, to have Gigi. So am I. 

Happy birthday Gigi,


For the first seven weeks
A special bond the two of you have

You always have fun together

One of the hardest days of being a new parent is when Gigi had to leave
She has known you since the day you were born - in your first hour

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Waiting for Morning Coffee

Dear JJ,

You wake up when I am getting my second cup of coffee and we have coffee together.  Yours is about two ounces of coffee, two sugar cubes, some of your mom's adulterated creamer - and water.

But it is our morning coffee.

Yesterday morning I had to leave before you even got up.

When I got home you told me,

"I missed our morning coffee, daddy."

Writing this waiting for you to wake up so we can have our time.


Your tastes have changed - now you like coffee - but in the "purple cup."
Early this morning coffee - 
Adds water to the coffee
Ah - nothing like some coffee with daddy in the purple cup

We have had coffee for a long time together

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Auntie Bev

Dear JJ,

It was so nice to see you with Auntie Bev the other day. Your uncle Jimmy was unable to have children and I recall, many years ago, my mom saying, "Both Jimmy and Bev are crazy about kids." I also remember in my mom's darkest times when she was only remembering things of the past her saying to Bev, "He sure was crazy about you."

We all miss Jimmy  - but seeing you with her, helping her - it just brought some good memories of a man we all miss.


Uncle Jimmy and Auntie Bev 
Working at their yard in Oregon

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A little pond with some fish

Helping Aunti Bev