Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Leaning from dads

Here you are wondering why Grandpa Jim doesn't have the beard your dad does
Dear JJ,

Sitting with you this morning I thought of all the lessons we dads learn from one another. Then I wondered what kind of a dad you might be.

I'm lucky to have two great examples of dads -- my own, and your mom's dad.
Grandpa George when you were a bit smaller!
From Grandpa George I get to see how a dad interacts with his near teen age son- and then I remember back to when I was a teenager.

What I learned was this - I was lucky to have a dad that was patient, that would gently guide me, and who if I needed him was there. The influence was subtle, but unmistakable. What I accomplished professionally was directly related to my dad.  But the real lessons I learned from my dad, and watching your Grandpa George -- are the best lessons.  How to raise a boy.

Yup- we dads have a unique role in life - something I didn't appreciate before. And now my favorite job is to take all those lessons, and be the best dad I can be for you. 

Someday, son, you may have your own boy- and I hope I am there to hold him and pass on little pearls like I get from both your Grandpa Jim and Grandpa George.  But for now I am going to enjoy every minute of holding you, and making you smile. Plenty of time for you to grow up- but while we both make this journey - I'm enjoying every smile.



Monday, October 25, 2010

True treasures

Meeting Aunt Sandi
Dear JJ,

You have had another busy week!

While many would say- you, the  jet-set baby, went to San Francisco, and enjoyed dining in two of America's finest restaurants -- Michael Mina's in SF and Zuni Cafe - the real value of the week happened early on -- meeting Sandi.

Aunt Sandi is one of your mom's dearest friends --  one of the first to know that your mom was pregnant -- in fact, she guessed it. She came to the wedding. She reads about you every chance she gets - and has for months wanted to come see you -- and this last week, she did.  She went to blog world in Las Vegas, but her real mission was the trip to Arizona.

Son, there are a lot of lessons to learn about this last week - but the real one is this:

No matter where you go, or what you do, or how much privilege you have -- the most important thing in life is to surround yourself with wonderful people.  Things and places are just that - but people with great hearts are treasures that no one can steal or take.

You have riches son - a lot of wonderful friends and family who love you.

Of course, its morning - and that means your dad, the luckiest man in the world, gets to spend his time with you.


Uncle Rick also came to see you

Aunt Lori drove Rick and Sandi from LV to here. You first met Aunt Lori on your first day

I caught a quiet moment when Aunt Sandi was just enjoying your company

I don't think anyone was as excited to see you and feed you
And your mom - the prettiest lady in the world and most wonderful mom and wife

Of course, your biggest fan -- I remain

Sunday, October 17, 2010

My morning boy

Always smiling in the morning
Dear JJ,

Every morning I get to spend time with you. You seem to have a pretty regular schedule - about 545 am  you wake up. 

I get to pick you up - change your diaper and you start to smile. Then I take you to my desk and you watch me work for a bit until your stomach tells you that it is time to eat.  By the way- your appetite is pretty healthy these days.

Sadly, I have to go to work- so we get your mom and cup of coffee and then spend a few minutes playing together -- you mom, Lucky, you, and me.

My mornings are happy now- and filled.

Thank you son.  Your mom and I are so happy you are in our lives.



Monday, October 11, 2010


Showing you Alaska
Dear JJ,

Finally I got to bring to Alaska -- the place of our ancestors for thousands of years, the place you were conceived, and at 11 weeks old - your mom and I brought you home,  to Alaska.

There were a lot of your aunties that wanted to meet you. Your aunt Katherine - was especially anxious-- you may remember me talking about her, as she played an important part at your mom and my wedding --telling the story of the first Athabascan wedding.

Aunti Katherine and her husband Kevin finally got to meet you.  Then your mom got to go to a gathering where so many nice ladies got to meet you, and your mom got to see the beautiful hospitality of Alaska Natives.

On our way back to Arizona we got to stop in Oregon to see your grandparents - who are so happy to see their only grandson
You are wondering why dad has a beard but Grandpa doesn't

Grandma loves singing to her boy- and Sparky loves you

My parents had thought they would never have a grandchild. They are so happy - here are 3 generations of Simpsons
You are a great little traveler, son.  All in all your miles go like this:

To and From Portland over labor day -- 2012
To and from Cincinnati total miles 3168
To Anchorage miles 2548
Anchorage to Portland 1543
Back to Phoenix 1006
So far you have gone 10,277 miles

Son- many people have children at a young age, and as the kids get older they look forward to the kids leaving home so they can start living life.  With you in our life-- your mom and I feel as if our life is now starting.