Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Not getting easier

This is a photo I had to take. It was last Thursday, your mom coming off the plane from Tampa and arriving home. Well, JJ -- it isn't getting easier being apart.

In the past few months I have logged over 45,000 miles and have met your mom in Tampa, San Francisco, Napa, Chicago, Philadelphia, Los Angeles, Portland, Seattle, and Anchorage. When I met my dad (your grandfather) in Indianapolis for his 44th Division World War 2 reunion; (truly the greatest generation) - I flew from there to San Francisco to meet your mom in Napa. Your mom has made similar crazy flights.

We have this thing called frequent flier status-- the more you fly, the higher status you get. Your mom went from having zero miles with US Airlines - blew through Silver status, and now is Gold status. Your dad is now platinum status.

Your mom and I made a commitment to one another months ago; we realized the feelings we had for one another were genuine and true; so we said we would be together for every weekend. Travel wherever we had to to be with one another. We knew that our relationship was special - and for it to grow we needed to be together- we needed to build a wall around ourselves and have our time to let this precious relationship develop. The most beautiful result of this is you, JJ -- its you! Our relationship and you are the best investments I have ever made-- EVER!

Soon your mom and I will travel together- live in the same city- be under one roof. We can't wait. It is getting harder and harder for us to be apart. We don't complain about the travel (well, some airline seats are just too narrow) -- but we LOVE traveling to be together-- we hate leaving one another.

Here is a little secret - when your mom is in another city- it pains my heart. I love being with her. I love talking to her- seeing her smile in person- hearing her laugh. I love getting her coffee in the morning, and scratching her back when she has an itch. I love talking with her about things deep and things superficial. So every night, when she isn't with me-- I call and see her on video and we talk-- for hours-- and then we put on the doppler and listen to your heartbeat -- you, JJ. But it is getting harder to be apart from your mom - -I am just thankful that soon the three of us will be under one roof.

I love you son-- so today please take care of your mom because we in different cities. I promise- when you come into this world, this dad will be there for you- and so will your mom.

In the meantime, thanks for taking care of your mom,

Love, Dad