Monday, December 28, 2009

The Baby Waved

Whew -- all I can say is whew. What a day!

Started out going to the OB doctor- and all is GREAT! April is doing great and we got to see the ultrasound of JJ -- and the little kid was waving at us -- with both arms. Seriously -- we looked at the ultrasound and here was this little thing flapping both arms and moving all over the place. It was as if there was a person in there saying-- "hey, mom and dad, I know this is the first time you see me, so I wanted to say 'hi'"

Ok- that's not the first thing I saw. The nurse practitioner showed me the heartbeat-- and I see this little round thing with a beating heart-- got that -- then I saw another round thing. I kept my mouth shut-- I wondered-- could I be having twins? Well, no such luck-- the kid's head is as big as the rest of him (takes after his dad - fat head) - and once it was clear to me-- I sighed (I think a sigh of relief, but hey, I would have been happy with twins).

We were so happy - and have not stopped smiling since.

Next stop of the day--food-- April was hungry - so we went to the bagel store and had an egg in a bagel. Then off for some more fun.

We had been searching for rings the past week or so-- had narrowed it down to a few, and when she was wondering around oldtown Scottsdale one caught her eye. Today we went in there-- and it is beautiful! So we bought it -- and in the car I put the ring on her finger.

"The car?" you ask. Yup. You see the second time I flew to Tampa to meet April she was driving me around and we chatted about her sister and brother-in-law and she mentioned how she would be married to the person with the biggest age difference. I laughed -- "Is that a proposal?" - it was. So, I will forever say she proposed to me. So -- yes, the car was the perfect place for April to have her ring placed.

It was a great day. Hope you enjoy the video.