Monday, December 14, 2009

The oldest child

My oldest brother is Ron - who just had his 60th birthday. I've thought a lot about Ron lately - perhaps because our kid is going to be the oldest child.

Ron was my example growing up -- he was studious, thoughtful - and always kind to me. Whenever I would get in trouble, I would call Ron, and he would come and help me out. He was in college and reading Ann Rand, so I read her. He was conservative, so I became conservative.

When I was a kid and started to like science, he had two microscopes -- one day he gave me one-- just like that.

Today my brother lives in Copper Center, Alaska - and Ron and my parents were among the first to learn that we were pregnant.

So, if our kid is as kind, and thoughtful, and nice as my big brother-- I'll be a happy dad.