Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Making Memories

My good buddy, Jamie, made sure I had a tree this year-- and my housekeeper, Laura put the tree up-- and here it is.

I was going to surprise April and buy a little railroad set to go under the tree - but, of course I couldn't just not tell her.

"Don't you dare go without me."

Then I realized- we are making memories- our own, and ours for JJ.

So we are going to have fun when she gets here - -on our agenda-- shopping for Christmas decorations, making some of our own decorations, getting a little train set, decorating the tree - -and oh- the most important, seeing the OB.

I realized something else: I am surrounded by some wonderful friends who take good care of me-- like Jamie and Laura-- and yes, they are on the payroll, but they are more than employees. But now there is this person in my life, who is carrying another person- who I want to take care of.

Its Tuesday- I get to work hard and see Apey on Thursday night.

Never, never, never thought that I would ever be so excited about this- .

JJ - you have no idea the love that you are being brought into-- there is our family - your mom and me -- each of our families - and a lot of good friends who love you and can't wait to meet you.