Sunday, December 6, 2009

Sunday in Florida

It is amazing how much shopping we do.
April is not a cook- that is just a fact. Nothing wrong with it- but when deciding to cook a few things, first was the inspection of the kitchen. Silverware- check. Some cooking utensils -- oh, those things I bought last time I was here. Stuff to make coffee - check. Pots/pans -- none to be found. Basic ingredients - sugar cubes for coffee, coffee mate for coffee - . Ok- time to go shopping.
So off to Target where we stock up on pots, pans, and a crock pot -- then to the grocery store where we get -- well, everything!
I love to cook- something all the Simpson boys were taught by their mother - and April loves to clean up (no seriously, she really loves to clean) -- works out great.
My concern is that during the week - if left to her own devices, she would be eating fiber bars, trail mix, and Wendy's.
So yesterday I made a bunch of Spaghetti, and started a bunch of chili in the crock pot. Today, meat loaf - some corn bread, and who knows what else.
I look forward to when we are under one roof and I can cook things for her every day.
Til then-- tupper ware and the microwave will be her friend.
I'm a lucky guy- it is fun to cook and take care of her. It is great to be here.
But Sunday is always a bit sad, for tomorrow I head back to Phoenix.
Soon-- soon, we will fix this