Monday, March 29, 2010

The softie

Dear JJ,

So here is the deal -- I am worried about being a dad. The reason is that your little friend, Dr. Lucky, is getting spoiled by me.

Ok, here goes. Dr. Lucky was crate trained-- so he was trained to spend the night in a crate. About 2 am I hear him whimper- I wake up and take him outside. Last night I heard him cry, let him out of the crate and he spent the night sleeping under the bed.

So I worry- when you cry I will want to pick you up. But some "experts" say that you shouldn't do that. I won't be able to help myself, son. I am going to pick you up and spend the night in the rocker if I have to. Because I want to remember these moments.

And when you get to college - and are a smart kid, and want to be a little distant -- I am going to think back to those moments when you were a baby -- and crying - and I picked you up and rocked you to sleep.

The experts-- well, I guess either they are wrong or I will be. But I am going to enjoy every minute of holding you close.



Friday, March 26, 2010

Your Old Man

Hey Son,
You might notice something as you get older -- that your dad might be a bit older than some of the other dads around. Well -- let me tell you something about that --

My grandfather was 54 when he had my dad (your grandfather). Your other grandfather was my age when he had your uncle Peter --. Then, on the Norwegian side there were plenty of relatives who were in their 50's when they had their children.

So, I had gone through life- done a lot of interesting things - made a career-- and then the greatest adventure of all hit -- meeting your mom. And from your mom we decided why not share the love-- so here you come.

So, son - when you see your dad - and he is the one who takes the time to spend with you, while other dad's are running off with their careers -- well, don't blame them because their dad's are younger and inexperienced.

Love you son -- can't wait to get you out on the golf course!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

We are all under one roof

Hey JJ,

This is the first weekend your mom and I won't be traveling somewhere. After 8 months, hundreds of thousands of miles - we are finally -- all of us -- under one roof!

This is my favorite weekend of all time!

The three of us went to Rome for a honeymoon/babymoon and we discovered that you LOVE pasta! Everytime your mom ate pasta you moved a lot!

Plus we got you a companion-- two days after we got home- we got Dr. Lucky!

Now our life begins-- and your dad is the happiest dad in the world,



Wednesday, March 3, 2010

The best family


As the gang was all leaving Arizona, two things happened. Our house- which was full of family, friends, guests-- became empty. I missed everyone so much.

I called my mom- and she said something "You married into the most wonderful family." She is so right.

Here we all are after the wedding. So I have to say a few things abut all of them- starting with the back row.

Peter- your uncle. You are going to have so much fun playing with him. He is smart, fun, a talented artist and you will just love him.

Your grandfather- wow. What can I say. I am so blessed to know him - a man who has learned about grace and mercy. When your grandfather left for China, he hugged me and said, "goodbye, son."-- touched me greatly. I know a bit of what it takes to learn how grace and mercy are not in a religion but in the heart-- those are lessons that come from a lot of thought, a lot of heart, and some hardship.

Next is your old man- the proud daddy--.

Then there is Bob-- he is the greatest friend. We are both the "outsiders" of the family who have been so welcomed in. I feel like I gained a brother - not just a brother-in-law. We both look forward to the day when you beat us in golf.

First one on the couch is your mother -- what is there I can say. She is the greatest woman you will ever know.

There is your grandmother next. What a wonderful, wonderful lady she is. She is interesting, engaging, funny, and just wonderful. You get a lot of your energy from that lady!

Your aunt Kim. I got to know her a bit before I married your mom-- and she is a sweet, caring, wonderful lady who will spoil you to death.

Son- you will grow up around these people with love, and it will take you a few years before you realize how special they are. Being wonderful and loving comes from living life with a good and pure heart. It comes from having a lot of experiences-- and not all of them good -- but surviving them and moving forward with a smile and a conviction of what you have within. You are a reflection of your friends, and your family -- I'm glad your mom let me into her life-- I clearly upgraded.

Someday son, you will wonder what you can do in life to make me, or your family proud-- and that is simple-- be like them. Love fully, judge no one, be ready to help all - and always smile. I don't know what traits you will get from me-- and I don't have a lot-- but here is one tip from your old man -- when you see a little old lady-- wink at her.



Soon we will all be together


Today is another special day in a series of great days. Today your mom is having a party and they will be saying good bye to her at work.

You may not know, but your mom is one special lady. She is an executive producer- having taken several shows from local entertainment shows to national syndication.

That might impress a lot of people. But let me tell you the most important: she is your mom -- the greatest job, and the one she loves more than all the success she has had in television.

So, you will probably know her as mom, and later find out she was pretty impressive in what she has done - and no doubt will do. But, son - I am the luckiest of all- because she is my wife- and from her I have my son.

So, Apes - you enjoy your day today. I'm looking forward to seeing you tomorrow. And after tomorrow-- we will live under the same roof!

Monday, March 1, 2010

Thank you all

Tonight you saw the story of my bride, April, and yours truly. You saw how that a woman I met through friends, and even on twitter - came into my life.

The woman who married us-- Sher - -known as @ocdchick, did, in fact, marry me - as predicted.

This has been the most incredible journey for me - and the most incredible - we are going to have a son.

You can read on this post about a father's musings to his son- about the love I feel for this little life-- named after my deceased brother, Jimmy.

Many of you watched the hockey game - between the US and Canada - and my wife, a Canadian, was so happy when they won the gold medal. It was after we found out (we didn't have TV that night) -- that I felt- without any question -my son move.

I am blessed to have great parents. Now I am blessed to have great in- laws. I am more blessed to have great friends. And so many more of you- on twitter - who I have not met yet, but hope to.

JJ-- you are going to have some wonderful aunts, and uncles, and grandparents. I just hope I can be as good a father to you- as mine has been to me.

I love you son-- and when you are old enough-- I hope you can meet and feel the love from these wonderful people.

Your at home in St. Pete with your mom, now-- I'll be there in a few days. Until then, keep your mom smiling by playing board sports in her uterus. When I get there-- as usual, I will kiss your mom first - because she and I made this-- we will put each other first, and together - we will put you first.