Thursday, August 30, 2012

JJ in Alaska

That is one large cow

We said antelope not cantaloupe  

Sticks - why do we buy toys?

OK, you say, lets get this ship moving

My favorite time, anytime with you

Nothing like Gig to rest while on a long train ride

Another pine cone

You love pine cones and sticks

Fox Island - where Rockwell Kent became inspired. He was with his son, I am with mine 

Sometimes a long day on a boat is rough

These lions don't roar
You with Gigi - watching for whales

You and mom on the train in Alaska

These fellows came out just to see you

Your favorite bedtime song is "A whale of a tail" and here is the whale
Dear JJ,

Being an Alaskan dad means I get to take you to Alaska.  This time we got to go with Gigi. But now that you are two it means I buy your airline seat- so how much will that slow us down -- well, not too much. 
I have done a lot of travel in my life - but now the travel is fun. Seeing the world through your eyes opens up mine.  Every now and then I go on a trip without you and mom, and that just seems empty.
So- we are a family, or as I like to say "Team Simpson."


Thursday, August 16, 2012

Bye Butterfly

Dear JJ,

You found a little butterfly, and played with it for a while.  But as the butterfly would move you were a bit rough - so I had to catch the butterfly and let it go.

You cried and cried, as I told you the butterfly went to the moon. But then you looked up at the moon and said, "Bye butterfly."

Our time is short son- and everyday when I go to work and you say "Bye daddy," my heart melts - and I hope that it is soon I get to see you again.  One day I won't- and it will be like the butterfly. But until then we will play a lot, and I hold precious every hug and kiss.



Looking for butterflies at St. James Park in London

Did you know you have a beautiful mom?

You have become quite able to play with your iPod games

Fans fascinate you

Having Gigi give you a bath is the best

I value every hug and kiss 
Nothing like greens

Chasing seagulls in La Jolla