Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Can't sleep

Dear JJ,

This morning, about 4 am the weight of the world was upon me so I got up early and did some work. You woke up and came out, and I said you still needed to sleep, that it was still night.  You asked why I was up and I said, "I just can't sleep."  You said, "I can't sleep either."

That you wanted to be with daddy made me smile. We went back into the bedroom and off you slept- after demanding a hug and your blanket.

As I listened to you snore the weight of the world was lifted off my shoulders. I never knew the weight of the world could be lifted off my shoulders by a four year old boy.

Thank you son, for putting life in such sweet perspective. Sometimes all you need is love.


Making Valentine's Cards for Teacher Ruth-Ann

Saturday, February 7, 2015

Breakfast with Mom - Part 2

Mom and dad at breakfast this morning- collecting smiles while I can
In Alaska- the smile I love to collect
Dear JJ,

Mom was able to get out of the "memory care" center - and is doing better- not completely better, but so much better. And best of all, she loves my dad, and they just enjoy one another's company. So she is home now.

Yesterday my dad had to have the battery on his pacemaker changed. He did fine - but it meant a quick trip here (you and mom stayed home).

It is nice to see mom smile -even though her vision is gone, her hearing is poor, and she worries about her memory.

It is the smile she has-- and the big smiles - when we talked about you.  How you got your violin bow because you knew your violin exercises, how you like to watch Beethoven's Fifth.

Life is uncertain - but now I know that what I have to collect in life isn't things - its smiles.


Dad after his new pacemaker- first thing he wanted- Coffee