Thursday, March 17, 2011

Crawling, Sharing, Persistence

Dear JJ,

Persistence and Sharing
After weeks of trying you are now having forward movement. You've tried so hard- you have managed to crawl backwards, you can roll to one side, you can sit up -- but never forward.  Then yesterday you saw a lemon- and you wanted it.  Of course, so did Lucky.

Lucky was gentle with you- in fact you two play together.  If he has the lemon he will put it down by you and you will get it.  Well, yesterday it was in your view and a foot away- so you crawled to it.  First time your mother and I saw you crawl forward.

What we saw was sharing by the dog- and the little boy wanting it.  Then a little boy with persistence getting it. You will learn to share, son. Because what life is about is sharing - -I never knew that until I met your mom and had you. I hope you learn that lesson sooner.


You and Lucky chewing on his chew bone

Tug of war

You will win- because Lucky is gentle

Monday, March 14, 2011


I was the first to hold your hand
Dear JJ,

There are somethings in life that are routine - and that is ok. For you, we have it down - you wake up, and I come into the room and change your diaper- then feed you. But the best part of life is when we break from those routines and find something all new and different.

That is what you were - a break in the routine of life.  Your mom and I thought we each had a great routine in our life. We both did what we enjoyed, and had lots of great friends and hobbies to keep us busy- then we met each other, then we decided the ultimate break in routine- you.

A swing - way too much fun
This week we got to go to the park - something we had not done before.  There were a lot of other mom and dads there and a lot of kids- and you got to enjoy the swing. 

You and Lucky found a new toy from our lemon tree
And you even like to chew on it
So as you try new foods, play with new toys, go to new places - it brings new things into life- and we find new routines- and we get to see the world from a whole new place.

Oatmeal facials are a morning routine
Learning to hold your bottle
We love doing life with you, JJ.  Our routine is a world we never saw before- and now we get the chance to see it fresh and new.  Its just the best



Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Best Six months Ever

Dear JJ,

This morning as your mom and I were playing with you we looked at each other: "Did you ever imagine you would enjoy getting up and playing with a baby?"  We have had the most amazing six month journey with you. Through it we learned a lot about ourselves - things we didn't know.

Very much Daddy's boy
I never knew how much I like (make that love) children. Now I seek them out- I ask about them, I want to know about them.  Ok- maybe I want to know what you will be doing next.

You are like the ultimate Christmas package - always in anticipation of what new thing you will do. Now you crawl backwards--  you try hard to make forward movements, but you can crawl backwards with ease.  You've discovered that to get to something you can roll and move toward it - but still working on the forward crawling part of things.
Of course you are also Mommy's boy- your mom who takes you on lots of adventures
Or the joy in making new noises.  Watching my face as I make clicking sounds with my tongue, or smiling big as I put my finger in and out of your lips so your sounds come out differently.

Part of the best is introducing you to other people. Your grandparents, both sets of them, your Uncle Ron and Uncle Peter -- then there are all those friends.  So many friends who love you, and because they love you - we have all become closer.

Best six months ever, son. But I know the best is always around the corner with you.


A University of Chicago hat- things to come
Looks like you will be a lefty
Your smile every morning with me is the best way to start the day