Monday, December 7, 2009

JJ and Jimmy

Today is three years since my brother, Jimmy died. He was 55 years old. On the photo Left to Right is Bev, Jimmy, mom, dad, and yours truly- in September of 2006.

I miss Jimmy, and think of him every single day. When we discovered that April was pregnant there was no doubt that if the child was a boy, he would be named after my brother -- hence - JJ.

I can't help but imagine how much fun Jimmy would have had with his nephew (or niece, he wouldn't care). Jimmy loved kids - loved to play with them, and even when his strength was being taken by the cancer that would kill him-- he always had energy to keep up with kids.

So - dear brother, I miss you. You are going to have a nephew or niece -- and I am so sorry you won't get to meet them. I promise I will tell them all about their uncle- and I hope they have that same smile that was always on your face.

RIP James Erick Simpson December 2, 1951 December 7, 2006