Monday, July 22, 2013

3rd Birthday

If you  are going to eat - or do anything in life- do it with gusto!

Dear JJ,

When I tell people that you are three, they all are amazed "where did the time go." Or they say, "Enjoy him, time goes by fast."

But it hasn't. These have been my best years, and  time has slowed down and I have enjoyed these  years more than any in my life.

Last week when you and your mom came home from Canada, as you came up the jetway and saw me you came sprinting toward me,  yelling "daddy, daddy, daddy," and jumped into my arms. There isn't any better joy a dad can have.

There will always be challenges in life, but when I come home to you and your mother (and Lucky) it is all in perspective - life begins here.  It took me a long time, and a little boy to teach me the important things in life.


Picking herbs in our garden for the pizza
Riding your tricycle down the hall - first time you were able to use pedals - the day before your third birthday

Even at the gym they knew it was your birthday.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Goodnight Moon

Dear JJ,

Tomorrow night you will be home.

Before you go to bed we will outside - where you will look up and point at the moon. Then as we go inside you will stop, turn and say, "goodnight moon."

Being a dad is the best job I ever had.



Monday, July 15, 2013

Home soon

Dear JJ,

Whenever I am away, or you are away - I miss you.

I recall this from the first Sunday I played golf after  you were born. The entire round of golf I thought of my son. The day after you were born I had a couple of operations scheduled - the patients said they had never seen me smile so much - and even though I had spent the entire night after you were born just watching you, I didn't have a tired bone in my body, and couldn't get rid of the smile on my face.

Your third birthday is coming up soon, son. I am glad you will be with me to celebrate it.

Being a dad - it is the greatest club I have ever belonged to.  Oh- and I miss your mom too - without her there would be no you, and no us - and your mom is amazing. Someday you will see that before you she had this amazing life in something called TV - being an executive producer.  But she loves being a mom - and no one of her friends or family would have believed it.

Ok, come home soon and safe - Lucky and I miss you guys.


Your dad loves  holding your hand.