Monday, May 1, 2017


Dear JJ,

Baseball and fun -

I didn't think I would be one of those dad's that goes to baseball games. I didn't think I would be cheering, and then thinking how I could help you be a better player.  I didn't realize how fun playing catch with you would be. 


It is nice seeing a Simpson in a baseball uniform

Baseball means good friends 

You like being Catcher 
Even more than that you like hitting the ball

Friends Birthday Parties

Cupcakes and Pizza 
Good buddies

Dear JJ,

Mom was sick so I brought you to the birthday party of your buddy.  I had a great time just watching you. You are a good buddy, and thankfully the party was at a place where you could wear out a lot of your energy.  The parents were wonderful.

I never knew being a dad meant I would enjoy kids birthday parties.



Wednesday, January 4, 2017

I am Santa

Dear JJ,

This year on Christmas Eve you had a hard time going to bed. Finally you did and I was able to slip into my Santa suit.

About 10:30 am I woke you up and said, "JJ, I have delivered all my gifts, would you like to open one of yours?"

You looked up in a bit of disbelief.  Here was dad in a Santa suit.  Maybe now you will believe, that I am Santa.


Waking up JJ

Monday, November 28, 2016

I'm looking in the mirror - you look like me

Dear JJ,

It is uncanny.  I look at you and I see me, 53 years ago.  I look at your face, your smile and I remember seeing me, in a mirror, when I was six years old. 

I feel as if a younger self time traveled here. 

So what can I tell my younger six? Be a good boy, play with everyone, and it will be hard to keep quiet in school and fold your hands - but you will be rewarded for it (took me a while to learn that too)



Your photo this morning

Me when I was six

Monday, October 3, 2016

Wait- You're Six?

I still love our weekly milkshakes!

School Uniform - ready for Kindergarten
Dear JJ,

It hit me the other day as I was going through my computer and you were asking for some attention. You are six. Already you are six. Not five, you are in Kindergarten, and I was looking at my computer instead of spending time with you.

It is so easy to do - so easy to do something else besides be with you.

Here is the thing: whatever I was looking at, some quip on social media or some interaction with someone I have never met - I have so much time with you.  Social media is fine- I have real life here.

So much has happened - so I've put it in pictures.

I love you son,

Every Thursday is still Daddy's Day when I get to bring you to school. Here you are waiting in the cafeteria with your class

Pretty handsome with your backpack

We get to spend time with my dad - here was his 92nd birthday. You wanted to help him blow out the candle

Mom may have dementia, but she knows who you are

You bring joy to my parents - every time.

School requires a haircut- your mom was watching to make sure it wasn't cut too close.  More traumatic for her
You say you love Halloween, but were pretty afraid to stand by this guy - so we brought him  home. You love to scare mom.
Post haircut - you look pretty sharp!

Monday, August 1, 2016

Six Years Old

Six years old!
Collecting bugs

Getting photographs just to be with dad - photographing spiders of course
I was the first to hold your hand

And I love every time I get to hold it 
Dear JJ,
Six years old!

I love that at six years old you still like to hold your daddy's hand. 

I don't fear that you will grow up, I look forward to seeing the kind of person you will become. 

But I do cherish these times - because I know they happen once. 

I love you son.


Sunday, May 29, 2016

Time Is Passing - Bedtime Rituals

Dear JJ,

Last night you crawled into our bed, you had a bad dream and we were happy to see you.  I realized that the time will come when you won't come into our bed, that our little boy won't be little anymore.

When you were a little baby I never liked the "cry it out," idea. Reports have come out and say that children who are left in their bed to cry it out and self-soothe do just fine as adults.  But I couldn't do that. I wanted to be there to comfort you, to let you I was there.

That led to me putting you to bed at about 7 pm, usually falling asleep with you, then sneaking out to spend time with your mom. Then sometime about 930 you finding your way to our bed - as you call it "the family bed."

There are downsides - sometimes I think in the middle of the night you dream you are a helicopter as your hands and legs whack your mom and I. Some nights your mom or I go back to your bedroom just to get some sleep.

But, your mom and I realize at some point that won't happen anymore. That you will be just fine in your own bed.  I joke that someday you will tell us, "Mom and dad it is time you get your own room."

That time is coming. But until then, one of the joys of a father is to comfort a little boy who hears noises in the middle of the night.  I won't forget these times, and will miss them.

I still remember my dad coming in to say goodnight to me, laying down and falling asleep in my bed. I would wake him up and he would always say, "Oh, I fell asleep," and off he would go to join mom. I hope you remember the times you got into the family bed - and the comfort there.

It's ok to grow up son. Just don't worry if you see my eyes water from time to time.