Wednesday, April 21, 2010

You are Active!


You are an active little fellow. Now that we are entering the third trimester you move like a gymnast! Sometimes I just look at your mom's belly and see you rolling across it.

But you may be trying to keep up with your dog, Lucky. He is growing - probably like you are. He's a happy little dog- with a lot of energy, and from what I can tell, you both will be a great match for each other.

Like all puppies, and no doubt like you-- when we are not chasing him he spends most of his time quietly sleeping-- always wanting to be near us. When we got Lucky we thought he would be smaller than he is becoming-- but that's ok.

I can envision the two of you sleeping together-- you resting against him - both sleeping quietly on the floor.

Yea, you are active now- and I suspect it means you will be an active little boy, just like Jimmy was. I look forward to keeping up with you!

But more than that - I can see when I have that vision of you and Lucky worn out together and sleeping on each other-- I am going to hope that I capture every second of it-- and not wish time away. And, I look forward to just watching you grow- and play- -and then when worn out and not sleeping on the dog-- resting with your dad.

For now- you are safe in mom's womb- but someday soon, son - you will be safe on my lap



Thursday, April 8, 2010

The new Family

Dear JJ,

A very good friend of ours wanted to get your first baby gift. So she got a pair of fur slippers.

Turns out your mom and I love our fur slippers, so today-- in Anchorage -- we lined them up. Everytime we look at them - we smile. Because we are a family.

Of course Alaska is pretty special to us. It is where I was born and raised, where my dad was, and his mom, and years back. Don't know that you will be born here -- but you were made here.

Great thing about Alaska-- you have a whole lot of aunties and uncles that can't wait to meet you. So I have to wonder-- why do you need slippers-- because from what I can tell you won't need to use your feet-- everyone will carry you.

Especially your dad,

Love, Dad

Sunday, April 4, 2010



You are named after your uncle, Jimmy -- someone you will never meet because he died in 2006.

Yesterday we heard that his dog died -- his dog was named Gracie. Grace, or Amazing Grace as I called her at his funeral - was a Golden Retriever. A nice dog- who loved to run and chase a tennis ball. She was a great companion for your uncle-- even in the end.

You get to grow up with a dog -- Lucky -- who will be your best friend and watch over you, and follow you around and wag his tail. Dogs are great - they love you no matter what, they live in the moment, and they teach us so many good things about life.

So, I am a bit sad today as I think of the passing of the dog-- but am excited to think that you will have your friend with you.

In a few short months I get to hold you, and introduce you to Lucky. And your mom and dad are the lucky ones-- because we just know you will grow up with a great smile, be a happy kid-- and have a great dog.

So, son, you are a part of the cycle of life. Just remember the lessons of a dog-- live in the moment, forgive quickly, always greet others warmly - and sleep soundly.

Sorry you won't get to meet Jimmy or Gracie - but we will tell you all about them as you ask.

Ok, son - see you soon.