Thursday, December 3, 2009

The night comes

I have become a cliche - a Hallmark card.
Every night April and I are on Skype- so we can see each other as we spend our last hour or two together- chatting before one or the other of us goes to sleep (usually her). That never ends our night conversation, though.
If she or I wake up in the middle of the night we will call the other - it seems to make up for not being next to one another, and it makes the night go easily.
Before I was with April, my nights were haunted- with not much sleep - with her, my nights are quiet- and I look forward to her calling me, or if I wake up - to calling her. The hardest nights now are Monday nights- after I'm gone, or she is gone. The best nights-- Thursday nights, because I know the next day I will see her.
Our pregnancy - our lives - began and continue in a love and partnership that I would have never believed possible. That I could never "conceive" of - .'

"With a love like this we have to share it." - something both of us say- and we share it with our families, and now we are blessed that we will be starting our own.