Monday, December 28, 2009

Mama Bear

Whoa... Mom, Mama, Mummy - that's just weird. Yep, for once I'm thinking 'that's what someone is gonna call ME!!' I am thrilled!
Before meeting Terry, never in a million years did I think that I'd be pregnant and carrying a baby! And now - we are - I mean, I am!! And I am so excited! So centered, so focused and so ready for this beautiful stage in my life. I thank God my heart is softened, clear and so open to giving more love to a life that will need it and want it forever!

Today I watched our tears flow as we saw the baby for the first time - and was so happy to see us both so moved by this experience. For something that happens everyday to everyone - it just seems so out of this world to us two... I guess because we never really thought it would be us - and now that's all we want! And we feel so blessed that it's happening to us!

Up until today I've been reluctant to write - call it a juvenile 'jinx' feeling - but I just really wanted to make sure it was "real" before pouring my heart and hopes out onto a page - ya know? Oh don't get me wrong - this and has been very real to me - LoL - the 14 extra pounds I've put on and the new pair of jeans and underoos I've had to buy are evidence that this is really happening to me! Not to mention the fact that my bazombas enter a room 5 minutes before the rest of my body arrives! Help! The complete fatigue has been fun too... I think Terry thinks I am a sleep-a-holic! Luckily there's medical proof and I'm not just taking advantage of seriously doing nothing on this vacation! ha ha!

But the bottom line is I've felt healthy thru it all - like this is 'supposed' to be happening - and if it wasn't... well then I'd be more worried. Phew! Thank goodness we've had a great 1st appointment! I feel like we've covered a huge milestone with 10 weeks and 2 days!

Please pray that everything goes well these next few weeks - for I will be doing cartwheels once we're past the 1st trimester... and hopefully soon I'll be doing some exercises too (14 pounds!!? Yikes!)

Thank you for sharing in our excitement - yay!