Monday, December 14, 2009

Another Monday

I love weekends- but as I write this it is Monday morning and Apey is getting ready to take me to the airport. So Mondays for me are not easy - not at all.

Yesterday we walked by the waterfront at St. Petersburg -- always a favorite place. Everytime we go we notice two things -- kids and dogs. Its pretty clear we are going to get both - but the kid-- wow. There is an application for the iphone that shows you what the fetus looks like-- and since this is about week 9 -- it is now a fetus. Hey- kid, we can call you fetus now!

Thursday night Apey comes in to see me-- so this week will be shorter and better-- and Friday we go to the ob doctor. There is cramping, and feeling bloated, and weight gain -- and that's just me!

Apey is doing great. We worry about every cramp, we worry when we are not together, and we love every second of this.

I love this! Love you, Apey - thank you so much for being my parter, companion- and the mum.