Sunday, May 10, 2015

Mother's Day 2015

Dear JJ,

Moms are just a great thing. Today is mother's day and for it we took a trip up to Oregon to see your grandmother, my mom.

But let's start out with your mom.  When we met she was a high-powered television executive producer - doing the job she wanted since she was a child. Meeting everyone she wanted in the celebrity world. But now she loves this job- she loves playing "Avengers" or "Star Wars" with you. She loves spending time with you, and snuggling.

You have two grandmothers - one is old and frail - but beams when she sees you, or knows you are coming. When I talk to her on the phone I can hear her smile when she talks about you.

Gigi was there from the day you were born - and made being a new dad an easy job. She loves watching and taking care of you and you bring much joy into your life.

I'm lucky - and so are you. Three great moms.

Never forget to thank those who are mom's JJ -


Mom and me - getting ready to get on an airplane - I always liked airplanes, and always loved to go with mom
Your mom - who else would risk their lives to carry you, play "Star Wars" with you?

While mom cannot see, or hear well, and her memory fades - she is always happy to see you- from the moment we told her she was going to be a grandmother, to this day - she smiles when we mention your name. I think once you become a mom the thing you never forget is a child.

Your Gigi - another grandma - there from the day you were born, and always loves to read you stories, take care of you, put you to sleep.