Friday, October 31, 2014

The Joys of Halloween

Dear JJ,

Do you know one of the great joys of being a dad? It isn't being able to watch our childhood again- it is having such a deep love that we watch you love being a kid.

Tonight I look forward to taking you out to Trick or Treat. To see your face when you get the loot- to watch people admire your Captain America outfit. To watch you flex your muscles when I ask you to.

To see you smile.

Your smile is the joy that warms my heart - and every holiday I just smile more because of it. Thank you


Dressing up for your Pre School Party

Your mom gets to take you. The hard part of working is I just get to see photographs- but the fun part of today is I get to see you. 

Wednesday, October 22, 2014


You came into the bathroom and seeing me brush my teeth wanted to brush yours- even though you just woke up
Dear JJ,

Four years old is full of energy - a lot of energy. But even with all that energy you want to spend a lot of it trying to please us, and make us smile.

The hard part is when you feel as if you don't please us. Then you cry.

You even picked up a sense of humor and teasing- if you can make us laugh or smile, then you are so happy.

We want to please you, son. We like it when you are happy, and healthy, and growing.

I just can't believe how much joy you have brought to our lives,


You love to help daddy in the kitchen