Friday, September 30, 2011

Aunti Lori

Dear JJ,

The firs person to visit you in the hospital was Lori Moreno - a good friend to your mom and I.When your mom and I got married, Lori came.

I met Lori on Twitter, as I did your mom, and some other wonderful friends.

Today is a tough day for your aunti Lori- because her husband died last night. They had a love story, like your mom and I.  Married for over 25 years, traveling the world together- she always spoke about him in wonderful glowing terms.  He had been ill - and while death can be a wonderful release from infirmity, I know that she will miss him greatly.

But one thing always makes Lori smile- and that is her nephew JJ. So today when you smile- those smiles will be for your Aunti Lori- who selflessly spreads love throughout the internet and life - and today needs it from all of us.
Reaching through the internet to give Lori a smile

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Two week Trip

Always ready to travel

Dear JJ, You continue to amaze us as we traveled for two weeks! We are learning a bit more about traveling with a toddler- so much that we started a website just to throw tips out -- .

One of the first things we discovered is that you like floor space on the plane!
Our first stop was San Diego- where your mom got to try her hand at paddle boarding- and your father got to cook food in a small kitchen!
Your mom paddle boarding in Santa Barbara Bay in Mission Beach area
Time with mom in the pool
Our view from the room
Small kitchen- but we made a few meals here

From San Diego we went to Portland- so we could celebrate your grandpa's 87th birthday - and your grandparents 63rd wedding anniversary.But before we left, you enjoyed a bit of time in a local water park.

Then we went to Alaska- but a special trip this time.  From Portland we flew to Seattle- and allowed you to "get your wiggles out," - as your mom likes to say.  So for a few hours we had in the Seattle airport we spent a part of our time in the play area that they have for kids.

First stop- my hometown - Ketchikan, Alaska. Where, son - I was born and raised. Funny thing- no matter where you are from, or when you get back to it- home is where mom and dad are.

It was a great trip son- you travel well.

Before we left, you had to say goodby to Gigi, as she left for China

Our water boy- enjoying water in Portland

Hotel shampoo- lots of fun


My two favorite people leaving Ketchikan for Juneau

Yes, you have to do your puzzle when you get on the plane

Whale watching in Juneau

Everytime we are back at the Captain Cook, we see the view

You like Bears

From Alaska to California- here you and your mom enjoying a meal at Morimoto's

And, what is Napa without visiting Thomas Keller's restaurant

We got to see Uncle Bob and Kim

Eating grapes at Michele Schlumburge winery

You missed lucky- but found another friendly doggie to play with at the winery

Headed home - standing room only on the plane