Thursday, January 28, 2010

Rocking you to sleep

An old rocker - wooden, simple- and something that I get to use to rock you to sleep with as you wake up in the night, and just need that human touch.

JJ- tomorrow I fly to Florida to see your mother and you. I get excited when these days come- because your mom and I have become one.

You see, something happened when your mom and I met. I can't explain it- I don't think anyone can. But our eyes met- and from that point on we began a discussion that continues to this day. The best discussion - when we decided that we were going to have you.

On nights when I am not with your mom I don't sleep well. Neither does she. We both wake up a lot- often we call one another- if just for a second. Then we go back to sleep.

Soon you will be entering our world- and we won't be sleeping much either. But I look forward to you being wrapped in my arms- your little head on my shoulder- as I rock you to sleep - smelling your hair- and trying to make every second last forever. I want you te feel safe, and warm, and know that your dad and your mom love you- and we will be there for you.

And I know- as I am rocking - your mom will look up from bed, smile - "You ok, bear?" And I'll smile-- she'll know-- that I am in the place I am meant to be.

Love you kid- looking forward to seeing you tomorrow and hearing your little heartbeat.