Monday, January 11, 2010

Your mom drinking orange juice on a Sunday afternoon in St. Petersburg - the day before I had to fly back to Arizona.

So this week we listened to JJ's heartbeat.

Before I left for Alaska last week I packed my stethoscope and a portable doppler unit. When I arrived in Tampa- April's entire crew wanted to hear JJ with the stethoscope-- it was difficult for me to hear (and I have trained ears) but they all heard it.

But the fun was the doppler unit. Every night we would listen to hear JJ's little heart. It was never an easy find- but with persistence, we always found it.

Last night, though - last night was special. We heard April's heartbeat -- and behind that was JJ's heartbeat pumping away. Amazing- one life within another. Brought us both to tears.

Back in Phoenix-- a proud dad -- waiting to hear those two precious heartbeats again.