Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Morning person

Your mom's favorite meal of the day is breakfast, the problem is it isn't her favorite time of the day.

There is very little fun about being 2000 miles from your mom and you - but the time zones help a bit. You see, your mom just doesn't like mornings. In fact, if it were up to her she thinks the day should start around 11 with a morning stretch and a cup of coffee.

She's pretty kind though, when she's here and I bring her coffee she wakes up and appreciates it. Today I miss her a lot - she, and you, and sleeping away in St. Petersburg and I have to get up and head off to work.

Friday, after clinic- I get to catch a plane home, and not only see you-- but some wonderful people you will get to know in life-- part of our extended family -- like Sandi, and Sher-- and hopefully Debbie and Barry. Someday you will get to meet them all - because all of them are special people we love.

In fact, this blog is read by people that we love, JJ -- not only immediate family, but good friends. They are watching your progress - they've seen this love story.

So friends-- thanks for reading this. Apes and I feel surrounded by some great folk - and this dad looks forward to putting JJ in your arms (especially if you can change a diaper).