Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Being a dad - really!

When I got older my parents got a lot smarter - and I grew a lot closer to them as the years have gone by. This is a photo of my dad - James Lewis William Archibald Simpson. The only time he hears his full name is when mom is mad at him (otherwise she calls him JL). Of course, when my mom is mad at him, she can't help but laugh!

If I don't talk to my parents every day I feel that I missed out on something. My parents and I talk almost every morning as I drive to work. Somehow, as I've grown up - I value my parents insight and their life.

My parents are on their 62nd year of marriage - they laugh at each other, they still get mad at one another- and they are so kind to one another. I never thought I would have what they have-- and I certainly never thought I would have a kid.

Well- let me modify that a bit. I use to think about having a kid who was in their mid 20's or 30's and how nice that might be. An adult version of me. Silly. So, those were my thoughts about having a child. Never about a baby, an toddler, and infant - or adolescent. Now, I show everyone who will look my Iphone photo of the ultrasound of my kid! Today an anesthesiologist friend of mine said "Honestly, Terry, as they get older, you will wish they were younger."

I am so glad my parents took a chance and had me - -I am so glad they showed me the way to be a good parent, to be a good father, and to be a good husband.

And my April -- wow- how did I get so lucky? Thank you, honey - and please-- hurry home- we have a nest to build for JJ, and a life to lead together.