Wednesday, January 20, 2010

I'm not fat, I'm pregnant

Okay... so this is nutso. I just want a T-shirt that says that "I'm not fat.. I'm pregnant."
My body is completely at the hands of someone else... that being mother nature I guess. I feel like one giant rolly polly marshmellow - it's crazy! And I'm starting to show - but it really just looks like I spent the last 2 weeks at McDonalds.

This past weekend my wonderfully patient and kind man of man's Terry and I went shopping for some serious pregnant clothes. I have managed to get a tummy now and can't fit into any pants without undoing the buttons! So it was time to find some leggings/tights - big flowy blouses, dresses and make that my uniform.

Up until now most of the effects of being PG have been inside - ie: fatigue and massive hunger - but after the last 2 weeks or so I've managed to 'pop' out in many different directions that I was just not expecting! Well, I guess I was ... but it's just a weird phenomenon when one day you wake up and your belly is there and your thighs are the size of watermelons and so are your bazombas!

We had to find a dress for a barmitzfah and well that was a disaster! Everything I put on made me look like the marshmellow woman.. it was crazy! I thought all these cute new 'flowy' styles would make life easy but Donna Karan nearly killed me with her gray cotton sack of potatoes dress! I thought I looked like a gummy bear in a paper bag. Hideous.....

Finally I saw one store attendant in a great pair of boots, tights and flowy dress/blouse and thought that's it! That will be my gianormous uniform! And so it is... leggings here we come! I never thought I'd see the day where I'd wear leggings and long sweaters... but today and the next 6 months or so - that's all you'll probably see me in!

What a crazy feeling... seriously - it really struck me hard this week - how much you surrender your body to the process and just let nature take it's course - while it's so weird - it's also quite wonderful, especially at the moments when I get to see JJ in an ultrasound or hear his heartbeat next to mine...

I can't wait for Terry and my mum and sister and the rest of our families to hold the little guy... but for now he'll be covered in flowy cotton and chiffon!

Tee hee!

Love you all! xoxo