Wednesday, January 6, 2010

I'm Proud of you Apey

Today is a special day for Apey and I just wanted to brag about her for a bit. This photo was taken when I brought Apes to Alaska 10 weeks ago - sporting a camera and shooting Turnagain Arm near Anchorage-- she loved the beauty of the state.

April has spent 12 years working for WFLA -- this has been her career. She is the Executive Producer of three television shows, which are syndicated. She has an eye for talent, an eye for content - and is one of the most visual people I have ever met.

This morning she called her staff and told them that she was going to resign. Talking to her staff first, instead of the suits-- that fits Apey's style. As I write this Apes is talking to the big guy - her boss's, boss's boss. So that would be great-grand boss.

Today she starts the process that will have her moving out west, starting a family -and a whole new phase of her life. This morning when I was talking to her she said, "I am totally at peace with this decision."

So, April -- I am so proud of you, and so happy you are in my life. And guess what-- JJ is going to have such a wonderful mother.

Not that this will slow either of us down. She will do some freelance work, perhaps some consulting. Our ultimate plan is to go to third world countries -- she will shoot the conditions and I'll lend my hand with a bit of surgery and some expertise in health care systems.

Apey's mtg is done-- it went well. I am not surprised -- Apes, you are a talented lady - and they know they have something special in you. Guess what-- I do to.

JJ and I love you!