Monday, January 18, 2010

Great weekend and closer

JJ - This is a photo of your beautiful mom - now 12-13 weeks pregnant with you.

We had a great weekend! On Friday- as you can see-- the ultrasound had the best news possible- that you look good (of course, you have your mom's nose - so, kid, consider yourself lucky).

Your mom had a bit of tough time shopping "When am I going to get my body back?" But she found some great pieces that look stunning on her! She didn't want to spend the money on the dress (but she looks so good in it - and it wasn't that much).

We also got to look around for possibilities for the wedding. So, you realize, in everyone's eyes you are born pre-mature-- (its a joke, and someday you will get it).

Your mom got to put my ring on -- in the car (since she first proposed to me in the car). And now I'm wearing it. A few have noticed - and asked -- I tell them all that your mother and I just do things differently.

And - another week has gone by -- closer to the time when we can consolidate into one house and no more coast-to-coast commuting. I'll be on a plane Friday to see your mom in Florida, and some other good friends there.

But Monday is a tough day for us-- because we hate being apart. One day your mom will be happy I'm gone for a few days (although, if like my parents-- that won't happen for 60 years or more).

So JJ-- it was a good week. We got to see how you've grown, we got to plan a bit for our wedding, and had some great time together. We still are not certain if you are a boy or a girl yet- but no matter what-- this dad is going to be so happy to be able to hold you, rock you to sleep, and kiss your forehead. Love you kid,