Monday, February 1, 2010

Wow have buggies changed

So this weekend we registered for baby stuff at Target.

Now the fun part of it-- I got to have a scan gun, scan things and put them on this magic list.

The other thing- I realized I have not a clue about modern baby stuff-- in fact, I realized I don't have a clue to this whole thing at all.

Take the baby buggy (known as a perambulator to those of us). You see the photo of the old kind up there-- that is the kind my mom walked me around the wooden streets of Ketchikan with. Then there is the new one that I am looking at -- the Eddie Bauer edition. It has snap out car seat, easy fold this, and a lot of other features that Apey knows about-- the only one I really understood was it has a cup holder.

She stopped at a diaper pail -- well, I said, we will be using disposable -- ah not so fast- you see, even disposable diapers have special pales that help compact them, take away the odor.

The clothes are fun- and I can understand a t-shirt-- although I don't get why there is more cotton in an aspirin bottle and the t shirt costs as much as mine- but it is cute, and something tells me that this kid will be well dressed (well, mom will make sure of that).

It was a wonderful time. It was truly awesome.

And I am so looking forward to JJ -- but with all the new gear and things-- I haven't got a clue.