Saturday, January 16, 2010

12 Week Ultra Sound!

This week we went to do a 12 week ultra sound to make sure all systems are go and that baby is healthy.
And once again the nurses had to put up with two very silly and happy parents that were gasping and laughing like crazy kids... every time I see or hear the baby I just laugh out loud - it's so cool and we're both thru the roof excited!
Terry had his iphone out filming the whole thing and couldn't stop walking around (almost hopping!) he was so stoked!

Technology today is so good that they don't have to do any invasive tests to find out if your baby will be born with certain disabilities like years ago. Now by different measurements of the baby and bone structure and blood tests (of me-the mom!) they'll know how healthy the baby is! It's amazing!

I figured out why I'd been so extremely hungry these last few weeks and tired! The baby went from being a tiny looking pion or shrimp - to a human looking thing! Terry and I once again gasped outloud as soon as the nurse put the ultrasound up on the screen! He's almost 3 inches now in my belly and his heart is beating 162 beats a minute!!!

"Wow! Look at his elbows and fist!" I said - He had arms!!!
"Thank God he has your nose Apey!" Terry said jokingly

As you can see from these pics and videos - he is well and healthy! The doctor was thrilled with the results and the nurse even gave us a sneak peak as to what we might be having! Though she would not give us any answers or guarantees - she did say "well usually the girls - don't have quite that look down there even at these weeks." (she said this very non-chalantly). As you might have guessed Terry and I have fallen into the habit of calling JJ a "he"... and well... you be the judge! LOL!

(This picture is as if you're looking up at the bum and 2 legs are the "V" - there's a peanut in between... hence the "boy" references!!)

We have another 6 weeks or so before we do the ultra sound to really see what JJ is - but I'm putting my money down on a little "guy"... and I think it's safe to say Dr. Daddy is too!

Don't worry I'm not going out and buying boy clothes or anything but it's just a hunch - and if it's a girl - well, we're just as lucky - and it will be a fun surprise!

Here is a 3D picture of baby - he sort of looks like ET... but it's so cool the way you can see everything eh? The brain and skull are still forming... the legs and feet and arms need to keep growing - but what was so amazing was to see the little tiny intricate bones of the spine! Every once and a while it would really show and wow what a site!! And this baby is a crazy mover I'm told! Terry said - no wonder I'm always tired - the baby is taking you for a ride every second!!

I'm loving AZ so much and enjoying getting to know the beautiful town of Phoenix... I've come to realize I'm trading the waters of Tampa Bay to the beautiful sunsets and mountains in Phoenix. It's simply gorgeous here... and it's in the 70s and dry.

And! I haven't seen one bug! Yep - I'm sold! :-)

Love, Apey