Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Early Wednesday or Late Tuesday

Hey JJ,

Last time I was in Alaska was 10 weeks ago. Alaska is my home-- where I was born and raised, where your grandfather was born and raised - and where our family goes back over 10,000 years. I don't think you will be born here-- but it was in this state that you were conceived - and for some reason deep inside of me-- that makes me very happy. Alaska flows through our veins - and somehow it just seems right that you spent your first bits of life here.

You are connected to this great state, kid. I come back here several times a year because I am on some boards up here. I love this state - always have, and always will. Last time I was here was the first time you mom came to Alaska -- she was overwhelmed by the beauty of it.

My guess is that sometime before you are six months old you will have your first trip to Alaska - and you and your mom and I will be here a lot.

I miss you, kid. I miss you mom a lot. The thing I looked forward to as soon as I got off the plane was calling her and letting her know I was here, safe, and that I love her.

See you Friday- til then- Alaska waits for your next visit. When you get older - and you come here-- you will feel a part of this great land, and a part of the Native community.

Your mom, a Canadian- well, pretty close to Alaska -- but she's an Alaskan now. Sometimes I kid her-- she's got a little Alaskan in her (your dad has a corny sense of humor).

Love you kid- glad you are not making your mom so nauseated.