Monday, February 1, 2010

Watch Out! He has a gun!!

This weekend we had the amazing opportunity to 'register' for baby items at one of my favorite stores - Target! But now when you register - you do it all online at a kiosk in the store, then they give you a baby bag filled with goodies and a scanning gun!

Since I had the guide book to where and how we begin, Terry got to hold the gun! And man he went crazy! I turned around and he's scanning baby blankets, baby running shoes even cool baby tees that he thought were fun! In fact I think out of the 62 items he scanned on our list - 7 of them are bibs and there are about 15 pairs of socks!

Needless to say we both learned a lot! I was soooooooooooo glad we had researched strollers on the Consumer Report site but even so, it was overwhelming to inspect a dozen different fancy transformer looking strollers and figure out which one was good! I for one went for the colors or design and look - Terry went for the number of cup holders!!

We had so much fun, every time I turned around Terry was inspecting every safety aspect of every device: a video monitor or audio monitor? Color camera for the monitor or super sonic security baby monitor? I was so glad he was there because I think both of us equaled one responsible parent - me with the background of what my girlfriends all used and what the magazines say... and he with all the safey precautions, medical advice and quality control!

We will definitely need LOTS and LOTS of help from our family and friends as we embark on the greatest adventure of our lives!! So far it's been the best start ever ... now if we can just figure out how to do it!