Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The Wedding 2-19-2010

So JJ, your mom and I did get married.

Not only did we get married- but we were surrounded by friends and family. The attire was blue jeans! Your mom looked so beautiful, and our personal vows were tweeted to the universe!

Your mom and I have a great love story, son. We met, we fell in love -- and we kept in touch through twitter. So before I "kissed the bride" your mom and I tweeted the "I do." Our good friend on twitter @AlohaArleen tweeted my vows.

Son - the day will mean little to you as a kid- but all those folks who came, and a bunch who watched on twitter-- will be your aunts and your uncles - and watch over you. Many of them will watch you grow on this blog, some will come to our home and see you in person.

Today was the toughest day of the week though because your mom went back to Tampa for a few days of work. But I know that while she is there that your auntie Sandi and many others will watch over her and you.

You are lucky, son -- you have a whole Twitter group of aunts and uncles that love you and will always look out for you.

See you in a few days son.