Thursday, February 4, 2010

Your Mom's Favorite Image


I know you are looking at this image and thinking- what is mom thinking about. Well - this is what your room is going to look like. Ok, she has a few other things in mind, including some images of sea and surf and fish and surfing (I'm trying to get some golf stuff in there but we might have to sneak that in later).

It's Thursday, and today I am happy because your mom is coming home today. Not too much more time before she has moved here entirely and we are both so ready to give up our frequent flyer status and travel together.

I skype with her every night (no doubt skype will be extinct as the Do Do bird when you read this-- basically it is video conferencing I can see her and she can see me and we talk over the computer) -- just realized the word "video" is probably no longer used when you read this either.

Right now your mom can only wear maternity clothes. She gets excited when she finds something that is "cute," what she doesn't know is just about anything she wears is cute. But your mom has the little bump that shows she is expecting you.

Tomorrow we go to the OB and have the ultrasound to find out whether you are a boy or a girl. We have our suspicions - and we have names already picked out. In fact, as you can see by the photo - your mom already has your room designed in her mind, and that design won't matter whether you are a boy or a girl!

So, I am an excited dad today.

Last night I went back through the blog and re-read some of the early entries - couldn't get past the third one because your dad's eyes watered too much.

Your mom and I have great love story- and our love brought us you. I feel as if for 52 years I lived in this house - and was content to live in it. Then your mom showed up, and this secret door to the house opened and the house is HUGE; now my world has grown so much - and I am so grateful. Your mom and I look forward to being together- and we look forward to greeting you when you get here. You don't have to come too early - just know that we are keeping an eye on you.

Love you JJ,