Thursday, February 25, 2010

Coming Home


There is a picture of your beautiful mom on her wedding day.

Tomorrow I get to go see her again- we are going to pack up a bunch of stuff and start the process of getting her moved out here.

This morning your mom and I were talking-- we both want to be good parents, and we both are worried that we are not up to the job.

I'm not worried about your mom one bit. She is going to be the "cool" mom-- the one with all the energy- running around with you and the dog, and always willing to take you snowboarding or boarding somewhere. Me- well, I just want to show you, by example - that priorities are simple:

Your mom and I love each other- we put each other first-- together we put you first. You won't be spoiled with things-- but you will get a lot of love-- not only from your mom and I-- but all your aunts, uncles, grandparents, and so many friends and neighbors.

I love you son-- see you tomorrow night -- and as always -- don't be jealous-- but I am going to hug and kiss your mom first (damn, she is a pretty woman).