Monday, March 1, 2010

Thank you all

Tonight you saw the story of my bride, April, and yours truly. You saw how that a woman I met through friends, and even on twitter - came into my life.

The woman who married us-- Sher - -known as @ocdchick, did, in fact, marry me - as predicted.

This has been the most incredible journey for me - and the most incredible - we are going to have a son.

You can read on this post about a father's musings to his son- about the love I feel for this little life-- named after my deceased brother, Jimmy.

Many of you watched the hockey game - between the US and Canada - and my wife, a Canadian, was so happy when they won the gold medal. It was after we found out (we didn't have TV that night) -- that I felt- without any question -my son move.

I am blessed to have great parents. Now I am blessed to have great in- laws. I am more blessed to have great friends. And so many more of you- on twitter - who I have not met yet, but hope to.

JJ-- you are going to have some wonderful aunts, and uncles, and grandparents. I just hope I can be as good a father to you- as mine has been to me.

I love you son-- and when you are old enough-- I hope you can meet and feel the love from these wonderful people.

Your at home in St. Pete with your mom, now-- I'll be there in a few days. Until then, keep your mom smiling by playing board sports in her uterus. When I get there-- as usual, I will kiss your mom first - because she and I made this-- we will put each other first, and together - we will put you first.