Thursday, February 3, 2011

Sorry about the shots

Your First pediatrician - Dr. Singer- now retired
Dear JJ,

Six month check up - and today a new pediatrician.  Well, he's not new- he was your first pediatrician we met in the hospital - so we are pretty comfortable with Dr. Scharff. All a part of the great pediatric group at Camelback Pediatrics.  Still I remember after Dr. Singer did your circumcision saying, "Well, that's pretty much they way he will look from now on."

Hardest part of the day- your shots. We know they are good for you, but we hate seeing you hurt.

But you continue to grow and develop and have made your mom and my life just perfect.  Your new trick is you have learned to clap your hands-- and you showed off for Dr. Scharff several times! He finally laughed at you and said, "Ok, I get it."

Six months you have been with us son - best six months of my life.  Sorry about the shots.


Six months photo

You love shopping with us

"Of course I shop at AJ's - best selection."