Thursday, February 10, 2011

Dr Lucky

Lucky with a bone and JJ thinking chew toy
Dear JJ,

Before you were born your mom and I decided to get a dog - Dr. Lucky.  He was born on 1/5/2010.  Dr Lucky was the first to greet you when you arrived home from the hospital.

Babies don't notice much when they are first born - then they begin to track things.  The first time we saw you tracking- you were watching Dr Lucky.  Your mom is convinced the first words you will learn are "Lucky No!"

When you eat your food- Dr. Lucky is close by in case you drop something, and then  you bend down and he licks your face and hands.

No matter how much you pull on his ears, or are rough with him- he is always by your side.  If you cry to much, he comes and gets us to let us know you need some comfort.

Every boy needs a dog -- and you have a great one.  Your mom and I can't wait until you chase him around.


View from above- nothing like Lucky to love

Good buddies

He never flinches

Even early in the morning Lucky is there

He never is bothered by you touching him