Sunday, February 20, 2011

New Car Seat and Stroller?

Dear JJ

Before you were born your mom and I shopped for a car seat and a stroller.  We were diligent in our quest - checking all the ratings, reading books, asking friends, experts, and shopping a lot. We settled on a system - it seemed expensive, but when it comes to safety there was no way we were going to skimp on this equipment.

We found a system that had bases we could put in the cars, and the car seat would fit into a stroller.  The stroller was carefully purchased with the right combination of wheel size and mobility.

I had read about car seats in a book written for fathers- -about how hard they were to install, and that a friend of that author was a NASA scientist and had to get the local fire department to install the car seat.  This was his recommendation - get the experts to do it.  Your dad delayed and delayed it, until I brought your mom to the hospital to have you. 

The day before you were to be taken home I called the Phoenix Fire Department- only to find out that they don't install- they simply inspect, and only on certain days.  I was in a panic- the next day you were due to come home with your mom.  So in the hospital I confessed to your mom that I better head home and get my tool set out and try to figure how to install this- and even call Uncle Rod to help (Uncle Rod can fix anything).

It was Thursday afternoon, the sun was out- about 105 degrees, and the car was parked in the hospital garage- in the shade. So I thought- why not try something here ( no shade at home). So I read some instructions and pull out the base. Turns out my car had two simple hooks hidden in the back seat. All I had to do was click the safety belt into those hooks and level it.  It took less than five minutes.  The seat clicked right into the base and came out. Simple. Feeling chagrined I returned to the hospital room where your mom asked if I forgot something.  I told her how the "difficult" task was one that was not so tough and now we could all go home safely.

Then we got ready to take your first airplane trip- six weeks after you were born.  Off to the baby store we went for travel gear when some nice lady recommended we not take our expensive stroller, and instead take a travel stroller. I bought it. It was simple, light, easy- and for over 19,000 miles you traveled throughout the country- from Ohio to Alaska. 

Well, son- you kept growing. Somehow I didn't think that you would outgrow the car seat - or stroller. But it became uncomfortable for you- and now we had to get another.  Its larger- more cumbersome- not as light- but you are comfortable and safe in it. 

I have a fond affection for your old stroller - it was a simple easy system. But we will give it to a Crisis Nursery- where some new mom can at least have a safe stroller for her precious baby. It isn't the "thing" that I miss-- it is just a sign that my little boy is growing- and we have a lot of miles and memories with that one. 

Its ok to keep growing son- every day you smile more- there are new adventures- some of them with travel.



Two weeks old in your car seat

It is where Grandma Grosshans helped us with you

It is the seat that Grandma Simpson first rocked you in

It is the place where you first nuzzled with your favorite toy

But you grew- and the new one fits you so much better now