Sunday, February 6, 2011


Dear JJ,

Swaddling- the first time I heard that term was about Christmas stories - and the first time I learned the value of it was in reading about how to keep a newborn baby happy - before you were born. 

After you were born, the nurses showed us how to use the blanket to swaddle you- each had a different way- but you seemed to like it -- sort of. 

We were lucky - so many people made blankets for you- or bought them. But there was this one:

Your mom's first trip out after she had you -- to Nordstroms.  In the baby section there was a blanket that showed how to swaddle.  I bought it --  didn't need a blanket, and your mom thought it was too expensive, but I liked having a blanket with instructions.

Swaddled and sleeping - your constant companion. August 22nd, 2010
Every night we would use that blanket- swaddle you and you would go off to sleep. If the blanket became dirty it was top priority to get it washed.  You never slept without it- until recently.  I knew you were waking up because you would manage to move your hands and arms out of it.

Well, you sleep without being swaddled now - and now that blanket is just one of many- but it sure kept you happy and quiet.  Someday son- I hope to give you that blanket, so your child can be swaddled the way you were-- happy, secure, and warm.

Now you are swaddled  with  love, as your mom or I sing you songs and watch you drift off to sleep. But as I feel my heart grow daily with love,  I realized- it is you who are swaddling me with love