Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Baby People

Dear JJ,

I wasn't one, but I became one.  We are easy to spot- in fact, you help me spot them. Baby people.

In any given restaurant, on any given day they stare at you - they will come up and smile at you. They are baby people.  People who love babies. Not a fake interest in someone's kid - but people who really like babies! What surprised me was many of them are not even parents!

At a local restaurant we were seated by the kitchen where the wait staff would go in and out of. There was one waitress that kept looking at you- most of the rest moved about their job as if you were nothing but a piece of furniture.  In the table next to us was a group of men - and one of them kept looking at you and waiving - the others looked at him like he was crazy.

In the grocery store- in the airport - we see them. And they love meeting you.

I noticed that I became one.  In my office I would hear kids cry and I would have my staff get those patients into a room quickly.  I still do that- but now I find myself lingering and talking to the patients longer, and the kids -- finding out what they are doing and when.

You see son, you have changed me in so many ways- but the big way is that I am a baby person. It has opened up my world - because now I see and enjoy all the kids all that much more. Thank you



Enjoying our morning coffee

Your first sip -- you insisted!

It was cold in Portland, but you dressed for it

Your favorite person in the world!