Sunday, February 20, 2011

Happy Anniversary April!

You and your mom and Grandma and Grandpa Simpson
Dear JJ,

Your mom and I were married one year ago in Phoenix, and now we are in Portland to celebrate with your grandparents and aunt! 
This has been a great year - I would have never have imagined how good life could be. First meeting your mom, then deciding to have you- then having you. 
The only rough part of the weekend is the "cold" that you seemed to have passed on to your mom and me. 
So, son- while I love you - I'm taking this little break in writing about it - to tell you that you have the most incredible mom.  She is smart, funny, and loves singing to you- because you stop crying and listen. 
The two of us put each other first, but together we put you first- 
When we thought about our anniversary we both looked at you and said that you were the most incredible gift two parents could ever have.

You with Tante Randi

A bit cold in Oregon so we have a warm suit for you

Grandma and Grandpa Simpson are always happy to see their little grandson